Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we get from our new students that you may be looking for.

Yes, it really is that simple! That’s what we (the expert Tutorange) are all about. Our goal is to get you an excellent grade in your class while taking the stress and worry off your shoulders for a reasonable price.
We absolutely take individual assignments, quizzes, or tests for you, although we would recommend that you have us do your full class, since it’s usually a more efficient solution for you and for us.
Yes! We have many great essay tutoring experts in our tutorange squad. So not only do you get an expert to write your paper, but it will also be reviewed and edited by other expert. Our philosophy is that many eyes tend to be better than one, so we have each other proofread our own work. Furthermore, our policy is to check every paper for plagiarism before we send it back to you, so you can be absolutely confident that your paper will not be flagged by any plagiarism filters like
There are a few important advantages that we have over our competition. First, we’re a smaller and closely knit team. We all work together to provide you with the best possible experience. Other companies that you’ve probably found to take classes for you are likely much bigger companies with hundreds or thousands of unvetted, inexperienced tutors. You would be taking a big risk that you end up with a random person taking your class who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Second, we really are experts in our fields, which is certainly not guaranteed with other companies. Third, our skills are diverse, which means that you have not just one person, but a balanced team of experts taking your class for you. Finally, since you pay on a weekly basis, you can evaluate every week the work that we’ve done and choose whether or not to continue working with us. That means that we’re always going to be working hard to impress you, because we want you to continue working with us week after week.
Simple - you get a full refund of all the money you paid for it. When you hire us to take an online class for you, we provide weekly progress reports that include your current grade in the class so you can make sure that we’re doing a good job. You pay on a weekly basis so if your grade dropped below a B, you would not pay again until it was back above a B. If your final grade ended up below a B, you would get a full refund for everything you had paid up until that point. The one disclaimer we make about our A or B guarantee is that it won’t necessarily apply if you hire us half way through your course at a point where you already have a poor grade.
Trust is something that’s built over time so we understand that it’s difficult to trust a business that you just found through a Google search. However, we do our best to establish trust from the very beginning. First, we never ask for full payment up front. For online classes, you pay each week. For assignments, quizzes, or tests, you might pay half up-front and half after completion, depending on the specifics. This arrangement ensures that both parties have some skin in the game, so we can both be confident that the other will follow through with their promises.
When you complete an order form, we calculate an approximate rate for your class or assignment based on the amount of time we expect it will take us to complete (which we determine from the information you provide us with). Your actual cost may be slightly more or less than the quoted price after we take a look at what you need done. You can also check out our price menu above for an approximation of the cost of an online class, assignment, quiz, exam, or essay.
When we say we’re expert Tutorange, we mean that we can literally take ANY online class and guarantee an A or B in it. That’s how confident we are in our knowledge and skills. However, here are some of the common subjects that our students ask us to do: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Nursing, Chemistry (Inorganic or Organic), Physics (Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics), Computer Science and Computer Programming, Logic, Philosophy, History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, English (including Research Papers) and more.
It certainly is legal. You will not be breaking any laws by having us take your class. However, it is probably against your school’s academic honesty code. The good news is that no student of our’s has ever been caught using our service. As we say - we’re experts at this. We make the protection of your identity and privacy our highest priority.
This is a question that many people coming to us grapple with, and there’s no simple answer to it. The system of higher education is overly bureaucratic and not personalized to each student, which means that many students find themselves in classes they are ill-prepared for, in classes that have no relevance to their career path, or in classes they simply have no interest in. In these sorts of cases we don’t see an ethical problem in hiring someone else to take your class or do your work. Whatever your situation is, we leave it to you to make the ethical determination for your particular case. We welcome you to discuss it with us, though, and we’ll give you our honest opinion about your particular situation.


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